Santiago is the capital of Chile and divides the country into northern desert looking part and tourist more attractive southern part. Santiago has about 5 million inhabitants and there is a metro and a heavy foreign travel.


Santiago - Metropolitan cathedral. Santiago - Court house.
Santiago -  Bata shoe store. Santiago - street musicians.
Santiago - Peter is buying the ice-cream made directly from frozen  fruit. ... and he already has them!
Local buses. Santiago - older architecture.
Santiago - our expedition members in the streets. Santiago - streets are thematically specialized. This is a  Rosas street and there you can buy anything for sewing. There are lots of shops full of yards, buttons and other useful items.
Santiago - revived statues. Santiago - square with the Metropolitan cathedral.
Santiago - shop with telescopes. Santiago - shop with telescopes.
Santiago - reflection of old architecture in a modern glass building. Santiago - they accept paying by luncheon vouchers.
Santiago - decoration in Indiana hostel. Santiago - foyer in an Indiana  hostel.