Paraguay. Preparation of steaks. Paraguay. Peters' lecture at the  Universidad Nacional de Asuncion.
Paraguay, Chaco. Indian engraves a turtle. Paraguay, Chaco, Neuland. Banquet called barbeque. Eat and drink as much as you can.
Paraguay, Chaco. The sunset in Laguna Capitan. Paraguay, Chaco. Buggy ride in Laguna Capitan.
Argentina, Andes. Marvelous mountains with spectacular colors. Argentina, Andes foothills near Salta. Sand dune and sand bug.
Argentina, Andes, Salina Grande. Great salt plain, length 90 km. Argentina, Andes. Lamas live here both in captivity and freely.
Argentina, Andes, Santa Rosa. Ruins of former Indian village. There lived about  2500 inhabitants. Argentina, Andes foothills. Procession.
Chilean-Argentinean border. The customs lama explored everything. Chile, Antofagasta. Hotel chosen by Peter from the bus.
Chile, way from Antofagasta to the VLT. Chile, VLT. Every unit has its own control centre.
Chile, VLT. View from the Cerro Paranal to the seaside, twelve kilometers apart.