Itaipu is the biggest dam and water power plant in the world. It was build on the Paraná river on the border of Brazil and Paraguay. The power plant delivers energy to both countries. The total power is 12.6 GW, annual energy production 75 000 GWh. The dam lake extends to 170 km, the dam height is 220 m and length 872 m. The lake depth is about 100 m.


The overall view on the dam and power plant. During our visit there was a lack of water and all the flow was directed through the turbines. This photo was taken from a picture in the visitors center. The dam. It is really monumental.
The scheme of the water flow through the dam and turbines. A poster with a similar scheme.
The water overflow, during our visit it was dry. Detail of the water overflow.
Estuary of the water overflow to the river. The overall view on the dam. The water flows through the white pipes to the turbines.
Inside the power plant. The top of the turbine can be seen behind. Detail of the cables.
The river under the power plant. Dee-jays of the evening light show. The dam is illuminated at the sound of majestic music.
Light show. Light show.
Light show. Light show.