La Quinta is a farm in the Chaco plateau. We enjoyed horse-riding here, Paul and Jacob even drove a motorcar. A very pleasant and beautiful place. We were accommodated in perfectly furnished bungalows. The farm was pretty spacious with splendid pine grove. It was pouring down with rain during the evening.


La Quinta - on of the bungalows. The hammocks.
Interior of the Peter's room. The decoration in front of the bungalow.
The pine grove. A horse ...
MIlan. Milan smiling.
Paul and Jacob and their motorcar. Milan and our outstanding guide Christine.
David. John at the knocker.
A flower. A cactus.
A rock nearby La Quinta. A coconut tree.
Peter and a coconut tree. Charles, La Quinta custodian and John.
Charles and John. Charles, Peter, and John.
A tree and a rock  overgrown with lichen. A giant tree.
Detail of the branches. A plant used by Indians for sewing.
John and Charles squeeze their way through the shrubs. Termitary. Termites eat wood and one day will eat up the whole La Quinta farm.
The coconut tree. The coconut tree.
The coconut tree. The coconut tree  - small coconuts.
Paul. Paul.
Jacob. Jacob.
Peter. Charles.
Charles. John.
La Quinta - park. La Quinta - swimming-pool.