At the Prague Airport Ruzyne.. In plane.
Asuncion (Paraguay). The bus transportation in Asuncion.
The bus transportation in Asuncion. The bus transportation in Asuncion.
The bus terminal in Asuncion, Paraguay. Our van on the border bridge between Paraguay and Brazil.
The border bridge between Paraguay and Brazil. Roadblock in the street on the way from Iguazu Falls. The town was on Paraguayan side.
Burning Chaco. Burning Chaco.
This car really arrived and then dropped off ... La Quinta. Accommodation.
A way to the Chaco. One of two asphalt roads in Paraguay. In our van.
A church on the way from the waterfalls. It was in reconstruction. ... and its inside.
Hotel Bouqueron in Neuland. Chaco. Hotel Bouqueron in Neuland. Chaco.
Neuland - settlement in Chaco. David in our van.
Hotel Rosa, Asuncion. The price was 4 USD per hour. Finally we had paid 20 USD for the whole group and night. A view from the balcony of the Rosa whorehouse in Asuncion.
Hotel Rosa, Asuncion. Detail of the bathroom. The shower was directly above the toilet bowl and the sitting person could shower immediately. And one more glance on this amazing hotel. All the night we slept in our sleeping bags!
The way through the Atacama desert towards the Argentinean-Chilean border. Argentinean side of the border.
The customs lama. It saw through all the coming buses. About one hundred kilometers away was the Chilean check-in point. The customs officers were really radical. We had to clean our shoes on chemically impregnated mat ant the bus was sprayed with disinfection.
Antofagasta - a city on the Chilean coast of the Pacific Ocean. Antofagasta - ruins behind the city.
Antofagasta - hopeless attempt at hitchhiking. Peter and Charles are near the road. They gave up after 5 hours and used bus. Milan, David and Jacob were successful. Chaņaral - Chilean town on the mountainside of the Andes.
Chaņaral - hotel La Marina. Simple, cheap and cozy. Chaņaral - hotel La Marina, one of the rooms.
Chaņaral - departure from the town and another attempt at hitchhiking. Succeeded after 6 hours. Vallenar - another town on the way along Chile. This church sounded electronically and it far reminded of music.
Vallenar - a glance on the town from near hill. Santiago - the last part of our way we did by bus, the hitchhiking does not work in Chile. Santiago is a big city from which we had a flight via Sao Paulo to Europe.
Santiago - a pile of the traveling cases in the airport vestibule. Yippee, we fly to Sao Paulo. Once more we go over Andes, now in the plane.