Czech Version


We are leaving with full cars on Sep 12 in the morning. The target of the first day is Denmark. We stay overnight in the town Koge near Copenhagen. There are lots of bridges between Danish islands.
We have to come to Stockholm the second day to take Jiri. We go to Sweden over the channel Oresund. The bridge over was opened in July 2000. A pink car has lost its exhaust pipe in front of Stockholm. We decided to demount separated part and continue without it.
The little pink car is already without the exhaust pipe in Stockholm traffic jam. We look for a place for our tents behind Uppsala.
The journey is very long for some participants. The Sunday's goal is to come to the northern Norway, to Alta. We have to pass forsaken parts of the northern Sweden and Finland.
Finally in Alta. We sleep next to a fjord of the Arctic Ocean on a lay-by close to the 70th latitude. Some participants think they saw the first aurora here. The North Cape. Weather is against us. We are outside just a while. We spend the rest of time in a broad information centre where we see how it is nice here when it is nice weather.
A civilization is situated also close to the North Cape. Picturesque fishing town Honningsvag. Tromso. We tent near this northern city. Clouds disappeared and we observe the aurora in its full beauty.
We look for a place for a sleep in a valley of the Skjorndalen mountains. We see already in the evening that this night will be very hard. However, we watch the aurora again.
We set out over a river to Skjorndalen mountains . We leave a polar circle.
Our menu is enriched with local bilberries. We have accommodated us in a tourist cottage in a valley of the glacier Svartisdalen.
We undertake a trip to the glacier. The path is not very fresh. On a crazy escape from Norway to Finland through Sweden...
...We have stopped on a lay-by behind the Swedish-Finnish border after 1 a.m. A visit of the biggest inland city in Scandinavia: Tampere.
Helsinki, an observatory built for an accurate time measurement. We leave Finland by ferry from Turku to Stockholm.