Czech Version


Rosta and his food. Everybody of us had a similar hill. Pavel.
Jakub, who slept under stars.
On a very nice lay-by.
Petr is showing us how we should look in order not to be too salient. Rosta.
David is standing in front of a polar circle and Honza behind the polar circle. Every day the same scenario: Packing. Karel.
A common photo, lay-by in Alta.
The North Cape (Nordkapp).
I have got a little tent, my feet are cold... David Jakub and his discovery.
Pavel and his discovery. After a war against Norway.
Shut up! Milan is taking a picture. Do not disturb!
A crew of the "little pink car".
Petr and Jiri are trundling Karel. A trip in Svartisen.
Jiri, on the way back. Milan.
Rosta and Jana in Oulu. Dan: "Surely dudes, this is a quality..."
Vaclav. One can also move in the university by this way.
Michal: "YEEH E YEHH." Milan is trundling a tent.
Jiri and Pavel. Everybody has his own way how to crawl into his sleeping bag.
After Finnish sauna or a competition for the best hair-style. At the observatory in Helsinki .
Honza: "Welcome to the board!". Mmm, mmm, that's tasty.
On a deck of a ferry. There are life boats on the left side. Jakub is taking a sunset picture.