Petr Kulhánek
Curriculum vitae

Curriculum vitae

Born January 9, 1959, Prague. Study: mathematical physics, Charles University, 1983. PhD topic: "Plasma Accelerators", finished in 1987. Associated professor in 1996, topic "Theoretical models of z pinches". CTU Professor of applied physics in 2005, topic "Particle in Cell simulations of plasma fibers". Member of professional board Physics of the Earth and Universe of the GA ASCR (2006-2008), member of the Board of the Centrum for Theoretical Astrophysics ASCR (2007–2012), member of editorial boards of 4 physical journals Czechoslovak Journal of Physics, Astropis, etc.), founder of the Aldebaran Group for Astrophysics, member of the Board for doctoral Studies in West Bohemian University, CTU, FEE CTU, and FMP ChU, member of the Masaryk University Scientific Board, member of the IAU, Czech Astronomical Society, several years chairman of the Editorial board of the Symposium of Plasma Physics and Technology. Participant of GA ASCR, GACR, and MEYS grants.

Scientific research

Coordinator of the development of the 3D program PIC package 3D, author of the package kernel and of the particle and field solvers. Interested in plasma numerical simulations, plasma theory, especially plasma waves, turbulences and instabilities.

Scientific and university education

Seven successful PhD students, approximately 18 successfully finished diploma students. Education in Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Nuclear Sciences CTU, Palacky University – Theoretical Mechanics, Statistical Physics, Quantum Theory, Waves and Instabilities in Plasma, Plasma Theory, Astrophysics. Author of 8 lecture notes and 2 university textbooks.


Author and coauthor of more than 100 papers in scientific journals and proceedings of international conferences. Coauthor of four books (Astronomy and physics in New Millennium I and II - 2004, 2005, Round the World, 2006; Stars, planets, magnets – 2007; Astronomy and physics – New Horizons – 2010, Introduction to Plasma Physics Theory – 2011, Lightnings, 13 tales about plasma – 2011, Astronomy and Physics – Sunrise – 2015, From the Kitchen to the Space –2016, Selected Topics from Theoretical Physics – 2017).

Present work

3D Particle in Cell

thermalization of beam-target plasma interaction

runaway electrons