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On June 21, the total solar eclipse came through the Dark Continent (from Angola to Madagascar). Transit of the Moon shadow can be seen on the animation bellow (gif, 132 kB). 

The Department of Physics of the Czech Technical University organized a small expedition in order to observe this eclipse in Zambia. The participants of the expedition were: Peter Kulhanek, David Bren, Martin Zacek and Paul Brichnac. The expedition took 17 days and we had passed over 4300 km in Africa. We visited South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

On the map above you can see positions of bright planets and stars during the total eclipse. Most of them we had really seen. On the last figure you will find map of the total eclipse zone near Lusaca, where our observation took place. The total phase had duration 3 minutes and 20 seconds and Lusaka was positioned in one third of the total zone.